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At the heart of Atkins Interpreting is Sonia Atkins, a world-class interpreter specializing in Arabic and French dialects. With over two decades of experience, Sonia brings unparalleled expertise and cultural insight to every assignment, setting us apart in the field of linguistic services. Our mission is to bridge communication gaps with precision and empathy, making every interaction meaningful. Discover the unique blend of professionalism and personal touch that defines Atkins Interpreting, and explore how we can elevate your global communication needs.


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Remote Interpreting for Digital Meetings

Adapt to the digital age with Sonia's video conferencing interpreting services, perfect for Zoom, Skype, and other platforms. Ensure clear, effective communication for your virtual meetings, webinars, and remote gatherings, regardless of the geographical distances. For customized solutions, including pricing and scheduling, please reach out directly.


Professional Interpreting for the Business World

Elevate your corporate events, negotiations, and international meetings with Sonia's specialized corporate interpreting services. Her expertise facilitates flawless communication, supporting your business's global engagement and success. Contact us for tailored services that match your corporate needs.


Specialized Interpreting for Sensitive Contexts

Trust in Sonia's profound experience in legal and medical interpreting to handle sensitive conversations with accuracy and empathy. Whether it's court proceedings, client meetings, or medical consultations, her services ensure confidentiality and clarity. For specific inquiries and to book, get in touch with us.


Bridging Academic and Cultural Exchanges

Sonia's interpreting services extend to educational and cultural sectors, enhancing understanding and engagement across language barriers. Ideal for lectures, cultural exchanges, and international seminars, her interpretation opens doors to global knowledge and cultural richness. Contact us to discuss how we can support your educational and cultural initiatives.

About Sonia

Sonia Atkins, the heart of Atkins Interpreting, brings unparalleled expertise in Arabic and French dialects to the forefront of the interpreting world. Her mastery of 24 French and 23 Arabic dialects, nurtured by a multicultural upbringing and academic achievements at Georgia Tech, showcases her commitment to bridging linguistic and cultural divides. Sonia's two decades of professional experience cover diplomatic engagements, corporate ventures, and more, underpinning her reputation for excellence and reliability.

She first came to the United States as an exchange student, embarking on an enriching journey under a Technology Transfer program sponsored by USAID. Fortunate to receive a full scholarship, she pursued her passion for efficiency and innovation at Georgia Tech, where she majored in Industrial Engineering. Over her illustrious career, she has leveraged her expertise to serve a wide array of prestigious clients. In addition to regularly interpreting for USAID conferences and contributing to the academic community at the School of Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech, she has also provided her interpreting services for Fortune 500 companies, federal and state courts, top global law firms, world leaders including presidents and princes, top hospitals, police departments, judges, and military organizations. Her extensive experience and broad client base underline her commitment to fostering global communication and technological advancement.


Sonia's work transcends mere translation, embedding cultural nuances into every interaction. Based in Southern California, her personal and professional life reflects a deep-seated passion for connecting communities, making her a trusted ally in international dialogue and understanding.

Arabic Dialects (32):

1. Algerian Arabic

2. Bahraini Arabic

3. Chadian Arabic

4. Darfurian Arabic

5. Egyptian Arabic

6. Emirati Arabic

7. Gulf Arabic

8. Hassaniya Arabic

9. Hejazi Arabic

10. Hijazi Arabic

11. Iraqi Arabic

12. Jordanian Arabic

13. Juba Arabic

14. Kuwaiti Arabic

15. Lebanese Arabic

16. Libyan Arabic

17. Moroccan Arabic

18. Najdi Arabic

19. Omani Arabic

20. Palestinian Arabic

21. Qatari Arabic

22. Riffian Arabic

23. Saudi Arabic

24. Saharan Arabic

25. Shihhi Arabic (Shihu)

26. Sudanese Arabic

27. Syrian Arabic

28. Tunisian Arabic

29. Yemeni Arabic

30. Levantine Arabic

31. Jijel Arabic

32. Darja (Maghrebi Arabic)

French Dialects (22):

  1. Acadian French

  2. African French Varieties

  3. Antillean Creole

  4. Auvergnat

  5. Bourguignon (Burgundian)

  6. Canadian French

  7. Caribbean French

  8. Champenois

  9. Corsican (Corsu)

  10. Franco-Provençal

  11. Gascon

  12. Gallo

  13. Languedocien

  14. Limousin

  15. Lorrain

  16. Metropolitan French Dialects

  17. New Caledonian French

  18. Norman

  19. Overseas French Varieties

  20. Pacific French Varieties

  21. Picard

  22. Poitevin and Saintongeais

O’Gara Group
Sonia served as an interpreter for a 3-month counterterrorism course facilitated by the O’Gara Group in Virginia Beach for the State Department.

Georgia Tech - Create-X Program
Provided English-French interpretation at Georgia Tech's Create-X program for delegates and Dr. SivaKumar, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


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